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this red stone is eating my heart

Nox Catorce
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This world is now consisted of two races.

One race was called "Rufina". They are the most intelligent race in that world.In order to live forever, they created a memeplex named "Σ" and sealed themselves off from the world. Σ slept deeply under the ground for a long time, until a talented mathematician found it.

The other race was called "Humina". Knowing the great power of Ristaccia, they worshiped Ristaccia and offered their prayers just like before. They asked for the prosperity of the race and the flourish of the planet. After a long time, a religion system was formed. The center of the religion is the Holy Kindom Of Noigallado, which is the largest and the most powerful kingdom in that world.

A holy sword named "Trisagion" is the symbol of the religion. It is said to be born out from one piece of Ristaccia and had been inserted another piece of Ristaccia. Its counterpart is a dark sword named "Tyrfing", also a weapon with a Ristaccia piece. Their fate is to be wielded by a pair of twins, and to clash against one another.

And so, the story begins...

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